How Do Jews Celebrate the Sabbath?


Jews celebrate the Sabbath in many ways; some people light candles at the appointed hour, while others do it later in the evening when everyone arrives home and gathers around the table. Some remain for a family meal, others say a blessing and scatter, yet others relax by watching a family movie. Others catch up on their readings at home.
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Jews celebrate Sabbath because God told them 6 days hard work and the 7th day rest, no hard work just seeing family.
I never understood it as celebrating. Rather it is "observing" which could be construed as "obeying" the sabbath guidlines. I guess that they rested from everyday
The Jews celebrate Hanukkah to represent the rededication of the Jewish Temple. The temple was taken over by Antiochus IV. This led to a three year battle. Once the battle was over
A Jewish wedding is a legal contract, and involves writing elements on the contract (place, date), and signing it. This is forbidden on the Sabbath. However there used to be a tradition
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The Jews' Sabbath day, known as Shabbat in Hebrew, begins on Friday evening and ends on Saturday evening. On Shabbat, the Jews recall the Biblical Creation account ...
Christians moved the sabbath to Sunday, as this was day on which Christ was resurrected. The new sabbath of Sunday was intended as a celebration of this and is ...
The Jews celebrate the Shabbat as a reminder of the Covenant and an occasion to rejoice in God's kept promises. It is also known as the Sabbath and most people ...
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