How Do Lakes Form?


Lakes can be man made or form naturally. Natural lakes form by erosion and some lakes formed due to glacial movements. They will with water from the rain.
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Lakes are formed by various reasons, they can form from natural springs in the earth, also from melted ice in the mountains flowing down to the valley. Even, when oceans presses itself into the land and connect itself from ocean to ocean do to large amounts of rainfalls.
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The Great Lakes are Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario. They were formed as the result of repeated advancing and receding glaciers as earth moved in ...
Lake superior, as well as the other great lakes, were formed when glaciers came up over the land and carved out large valleys in the earth that would then fill ...
Approximately 3 billion years ago, the Great Lakes basin was formed through volcanic activity and stresses on the earth. Later, flooding occcured which deposited ...
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