How Do Lichens Reproduce?


Lichens can reproduce two ways. A lichen produces soredia, or a cluster of algal cells. This will grown into new lichens. The second way is through isidia, and this is almost the same, but not exactly. The isidium is like a miniature lichen.
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That's actually a complicated question, because lichen are actually several different organisms that make up a single lichen! Each lichen consists of, at minimum, one species of fungus
Many lichens reproduce asexually, either by vegetative reproduction or through the dispersal of diaspores containing algal and fungal cells. Soredia (singular soredium) are small
Lichen either reproduce through structures that produce spores which germinate, or they
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Lichens are a form of fungus. They can reproduce both sexually and asexually, but most reproduce asexually. ...
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