How Do Lily Pads Grow?


Lily pads grow just like other plants. The pad is on a stem. The lily pad absorbs nutrients through the stem. The nutrients allow the lily pad to grow.
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1. Drop the dwarf water lily bulb into the aquarium water. It can take one to two weeks for the lily to sprout or longer. If you prefer, bury the lily bulb under the aquarium substrate
The most vital requirement for a lily pad's growth is water, at least 3 feet. Another
Lily pads have the main plant parts to survive, except for its roots, but is still able to absorb water. Food is still obtained through the normal process, photosynthesis. During
depends on how much water you have in there...if the plants are short as you say, then you have to plant them in a pot of soil and then put them in...if you want you could take out
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