How Do Living and Non Living Things Interact?


There are various ways in which living things and non living things interact. This is what makes up the ecosystem Most living things use non living things as their habitat.
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An Ecosystem
In the scientific community, the jury is still out on this statement. Viruses lack some of the characteristics of living things, the ability to reproduce, acquire and use energy,
If they are living in
1. Determine whether the object is made of cells. For example, a bear's body has a cellular structure that includes blood cells and brain cells. 2. Observe the object to find out
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Ecology is the study of interaction of living and nonliving things in the environment. Not only are the living things important in our environment. Nonliving things ...
The study of interactions between living and non-living parts of an environment is studied in ecology. The ecosystem studies how living and non-living things interact ...
Non-living things are things that have no life. They lack, or do not display, the capability for growth, movement, respiration, response to stimuli, metabolism ...
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