How Do Living and Nonliving Things Interact in the Environment?


There are many ways that living and nonliving things interact in the environment. One way would be the way that plants, which are living use the dirt, which is nonliving to grow. Another way would be the way animals use rocks as hiding places for living and hunting.
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Living things eat and produce waste. Non-living thing if once alive are eaten. Living things act. Nonliving things are acted upon.
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1. Gather a collection of objects to observe, for example beads, crickets, hats, ladybirds, small bottles and anemones. 2. Compare the living with the nonliving. How did you figure
All the living organisms make up the communities of interacting species. An ecosystem is the interaction of the communities with their environment. A forest community includes only
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Nonliving things in a rainforest are the elements that living things interact with. Some nonliving things in the rainforests are streams, heat, habitat, and minerals ...
The term abiotic refers to the non-living things in the environment. It is characterized by the absence of life or living organisms. Light, temperature, wind patterns ...
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