How Do Living Things Grow?


Living things grow by having the right conditions. All living things need water, food and sunlight to grow. From there, growth happens by cells dividing and becoming two cells. Those two cells divide and become four and so on. The process continues until the person, plant or animal has grown. You can find more information here:
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How Do Living Things Grow?
Living things are composed of cells, and the concept of the cell is the fundamental to understanding the phenomenon of growth. Minimally, a cell is made up of cytoplasm (the filling of the cell), DNA (genetic material of the cell) and a cell membrane... More »
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Living things is a biological term referring to anything that has life. They are characterised by a complex organisation and the ability to metabolise, grow, respond ...
A living thing is called an organism. It can be an animal, plant, fungus or micro-organism. All living things can reproduce, grow, respond to stimuli, develop ...
There are several ways in which living things can respond to their environment. For example, plants may begin to grow towards a light source if light is scarce ...
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