How Do Lizards Mate?


Lizards, like most reptiles mate in the early spring months. During mating the male lizard spots a female and will bite her on the neck and hook onto her with his hemipenes. He will the ejaculate his sperm into the female. An interesting fact about lizards is that the sperm may remain on the female and she may be able to fertilize eggs again without the male even being present.
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Lizards mate sexually. The male has skin flap near the tail, covering the cloaca. Cloaca are the sex organs. The testicles are internal. They mate side by side and the male shoots sperm into female. You can find more information here:
Lizards have many mating rituals to attract the opposite sex. The mate sexually in the conventional method. After the joining, in some species the female will then lay her eggs in a nest, while other species have live births at the end of their gestational period.
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