How Do Magicians Make People Disappear?


Magicians make people disappear by making an illusion. They have been know in the past to use mirrors. They have also been known to have a projector or use trap doors.
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Steve Wyrick has made a Lear Jet35 and AS350 helicopter appear and a pure
In most cases they are actually exiting the box as they are entering it. They direct our attention to their going in and we assume they are still in.
The magicians direct the audiences' attention to what they want them to notice so that they do not realize what is actually happening.
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Magicians don't actually make things disappear. They use illusions to make you think they disappear. Instead they distract you with something else and slide the ...
Magicians do not reveal how it is EXACTLY they perform their art, but usually it is an illusion. This means it is a trick of the eye. Having the elephant on a ...
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