How Do Maglev Trains Stop?


Maglev Trains stop when the current flowing in the electromagnets powering them stops. When the current stops, the metal through which the current is flowing looses its magnet property. Hence the train which was resisting magnet forces and running along the track will stop moving.
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You slowly decrease the power of the electromagnets.
1. Lay the two wooden planks parallel to each other along the particle board; put them about 3 inches apart. Glue them into place. The track is the space between the planks, and the
Magnets, usually electro magnets or somesuch thing is used. It is like a push/pull system, one magnet has a N/S polarity, unit is attracted to the N, passes over it and is repelled
A Maglev train stops when the current flow is reversed in the opposite
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