How Do Maglev Trains Work?


A maglev train floats about 10mm above the guideway on a magnetic field. It is propelled by the guideway itself rather than an onboard engine by changing magnetic fields. Once the train is pulled into the next section, the magnetism switches so that the train is pulled on again. The Electro-magnets run the length of the guideway.
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How Maglev Trains Work
How Maglev Trains Work
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A Maglev train is a magnetically levitated train. These trains work by floating above a guideway on a magnetic field. They are propelled by changing magnetic fields. You can find more information here:
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Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) Trains operate on a simple principal. Powerful magnets in both the tracks and the train are given a like charge so they repel and ...
A Maglev Train is a train that travels with out touching the 'tracks'. It floats above the surface with magnetic levitation. The first an only high speed commercial ...
Maglev is a word that is short for magnetic levitation. This method of transportation uses the power of magnets to provide lift and movement for the Maglev trains ...
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