How do magnifying mirrors work?


Magnifying mirrors work using the basics of light reflection when a beam of light shines at a 45-degree angle to the surface of the mirror. The magnifying mirror is concaved inward and works by focusing the light on a point such that the image is larger than the original object.
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Only mirrors that are bend in or out can magnify because the way it's bent can increase the size by different angles.
1. Adjust the collimation screws on the back of the primary mirror mount or cell so that the primary mirror reflects light directly back up the telescope tube. If you look down the
Well, microscopes can magnify at all different ranges. For example: 50x or 20x. Hope this was some help to y'all :
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How Do Magnifying Mirrors Work?
Any mirror's job is to reflect light. Magnifying mirrors, otherwise known as concave spherical mirrors, not only reflect light, but also concentrate it in a way that makes the image larger. As with any mirror, magnifying mirrors work on the principle... More »
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