How Do Men Feel When Women Cry?


Men do not like to see women cry at all and really feel bad when it happens. Usually their instinct is to comfort the woman. Although, some guys think crying is a turn-off. This is because they start to feel helpless and they think they did something wrong, which is not always the case. Some women are just emotional and cry over everything. Men like to fix things, and when women cry, they feel like they can't fix what you are crying about.
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Usually because they don't really understand why they are crying. Also men are indoctrinated from a young age that crying is a sign of weakness so they lack experience in dealing
I don't think it's about "compensating." First, some women really like skinny guys. It's their preferred body type. Hell, it might be the only body type they're attracted
jubilant. Source(s) wikipedia.
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