How Do Mollusks Move?


Mollusks are a type of invertebrate that live in the ocean. They usually have a hard shell containing their body. Mollusks move by a large muscle also known as a foot.
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Phylum Mollusca
Molluscs form one of the largest groups in the animal kingdom, with more than 100,000 known species! They include all the shelled creatures of the seashore, with the exception of the barnacles. Chitons, clams, mussels, snails, nudibranchs... More >>
Other Phyla:
There are 2 different types of mollusks and depending on the type of mollusk will determine how they move. Land living mollusks move slowly on a flat sole called a foot. Ocean living mollusks move by using jet propulsion and some of them attach themselves to rocks or other surfaces and can't move at all.
Mollusks move like snails secreting mucus that helps them move. They use the foot to move around on the ground. They use the propulsion motion to move in the water.
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