How Do Monkeys Mate?


Monkeys mate the same way that humans mate. Males have a penis and females have a vagina. To mate, the male monkey sticks his penis into the female monkey's vagina.
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one says i like the flies on you and then the other one says that to. after that they go to a private area and have a relationship wich includes fighting screaming and no cloths.
Most monkeys mate at whatever time the females enter estrus (become fertile) and this could
they give the other a banana i swear
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Monkeys mate the same way that humans do. Male monkeys have a penis, just as the female monkey has a vagina. The male inserts his penis into the female to mate.
Monkeys mate by intercourse, where the male will insert his penis into the female's vagina, and ejaculate. The female will 'shout' loudly before, during, and even after mating. This is said to help the male ejaculate faster. You can find more information here:
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