How Do Night Vision Glasses Work?


Night vision glasses, used for seeing pitch in the dark night, use the little light available to form an image of sufficient brightness to be seen. The image is first focussed, as in a camera, on to a window which is coated with particular chemicals containing sodium, potassium, cadmium and oxygen compounds which produce electrons when illuminated. The electrons so emitted are then accelerated by a series of influential electric fields and made to fall onto another screen coated with fluorescing chemicals which glows recreating a much brighter image of the original scene.
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The pupil dilates in low light conditions to allow more light onto the retina. This will, in many people, result in more near-sighted vision at night than during the day. If you normally
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Image enhancement and thermal imaging are the technologies that are used for night-vision surveillance applications. The process of acquiring heat from an object ...
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