How Do Ocean Currents Affect Climate?


Ocean currents can affect climate. For example, hurricanes will sometimes make their paths along currents with warmer water.
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In the northern hemisphere, ocean currents tend to flow in a clockwise motion. In the southern hemisphere, they tend to flow in a counterclockwise motion. These circular flows are
Wind currents can push warm or cold air in the direction of the currents. They can even push storms in the direction the current is flowing.
Wind currents affect the climate by moving moisture around, basically. It's the reason why England's weather is so much different than America's, even though they're the same latitude
The surface circulation of the oceans is intimately tied to the
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Ocean currents can greatly change the climate of an area, usually through temperature change or storms systems. The Gulf Stream, for instance, carries warm air to several parts of the world.
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Ocean currents are very important to climate and weather. Warm ocean currents carry warm air onto land. If the water is cold, then cold air will be carried over ...
Ocean currents do affect the weather. When warm water meets cold water, that's how hurricanes are said to be made. They greatly impact the weather by bringing ...
Convection currents in the ocean help move warm and cold water around. This affects weather on the land and air temperature. It also has a major effect on weather ...
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