How Do Octopus Eat?


An octopus feeds on crabs, molluscs, crayfish, shellfish and starfish. It usually does its hunting at night, close to its rocky layer. It catches most of its prey in stealth, by changing its colours so that it can blend with the surroundings.
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Some of the animals that prey on the octopus include dolphins, moray, conger eels and sharks. Whenever possible, octopuses flee from a predator by shooting a jet of water through its body to make a burst of speed.
Octopuses prefer feeding on crabs, snails, lobsters and shrimp. They usually feed by grasping their prey into their arms and they tear up the prey into small pieces that will fit right into their mouths.
An octopus uses a sharp, horn-like beak, much like a parrot’s beak, and a radula, a rough, tongue-like organ that drills and scrapes, to devour its favourite foods – crabs and lobsters.
Octopus's are interesting creatures. They live in the ocean and feed off of shrimps, lobsters, crabs and snails! When they get hungry, they snatch their prey with their 8 tentacles and hold onto them with the suction-like cups that go up and down the tentacles. You can find more information here:
An octopus can eat by trapping their prey using their tentacles. They then use their mouths to shred through the animal in order to digest it. You can find more information here:
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