How Do Optical Illusions Trick Your Eyes?


Optical illusions are a kind of art work that creates the impression of movement or space inside a picture. They normally trick the brain to think that the image is moving while in the reality, the brain knows that pictures do not move.
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cause its hard to see the different pics. in the picture.
Depends on the illusion but overall they trick the brain by fooling with visual processing mechanisms.
The images interpreted by your eyes aren't quite what your brain sees. Your eyeball acts like a lens, and inverts the picture of the world, which is then projected onto the back of
One illusion is the Old Woman/Young Woman, another is called Liar a...
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Optical illusions trick our brain by taking advantage of the fact that the eye has blind spots which do not receive any light. When the brain encounters an optical illusion, it tries to compare it to past experiences and makes assumptions. These assumptions are not always right and hence we end up making the wrong conclusions.
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