How do organizations manage social media-driven customer service issues?

I know many organizations are using social media monitoring software but what happens when there is an issue on social media channels? Do individual CSRs handle? Is their a team who responds to customer service issues?


Guy Stephens (@guy1067) (Social Media / SCRM Consultant, Capgemini)
Many companies now have social customer care teams or an individual monitoring and responding to customers who tweet them. This is now moving beyond Twitter to include Facebook and other social platforms. Whilst each social platform has its own unique characteristics which need to be understood, at the end of the day an issue raised on Twitter or via Facebook is still the same issue that might be raised via email or over the phone. It's important not to lose sight of this.

Companies which have experimented different social platforms alongside more traditional channels, are finding in general that Twitter and LiveChat require similar skillsets (accurate typing), whilst Twitter and telephony have less in common (voice vs text).

There's no doubt that marketing, PR and customer service are moving more closely together. But they each have their own distinct skillsets and requirements. What can't be overlooked however is that because of social media, customer service via these channels is now taking place in a far more public arena, and as a result PR is becoming more and more intertwined with customer service.
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Kyle Lyons (Managing Director, Ponvia Technology, Inc)
Many companies are using different processes to manage social media channels. Customer service teams could be identified with the responsibility to monitor social media channels and resolve issues that are posted. Another options is to deliver an identified issue to the same customer service representatives that are supporting other interaction channels, e.g., phone, email, chat. In any case, I believe it is important to ensure customer service representatives are handling any issues that arise. Many company’s marketing departments are responsible for the social media channels but the marketing department should not be handling customer issues.
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