How Do People Affect the Environment?


People can affect the environment in a positive way by recycling, riding a bike instead of a car, and by encouraging others to do the same.
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Our carbon footprints affect the enviroment every day. We affect it by the amount of trash and plastics we use, by the amount of water we use daily, and by our unbridles use of energy
Managing weight and keeping excess pounds at a minimum is important in controlling diabetes and complications like cardiovascular disease and kidney disorders. A diet high in animal
The government effects the environment by: Water Restrictions. Cleaning up Rubbish. Planting more Trees. Minimizing pollution. Cutting Down trees loosing homes/habitats. Minimizing
it kills animals because of the food chain so most animals get wiped out. it kills loads of plants, which goes back to the animals.
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Blizzards can affect the environment when the snow melts and causes flooding. Blizzards can affect people by causing cold weather which can make a person get frostbite ...
One example of how people have affected the environment of Madagascar is deforestation. Trees are cleared away for rice farms and after a couple of years the soil ...
The environment affects people’s growth and development in various aspects like the economy where, if the economy is good, people will be able to sustain ...
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