How Do People in the Bahamas Celebrate Christmas?


During the holiday season in the Bahamas, the celebrating occurs on December 26th and January 1st. This holiday is known as Junkanoo. During this time, there is a huge celebration featuring many people dressed in brightly colored costumes. Groups are assembled, and each group dances down the street to music during a parade that begins at 2 AM. Often, prizes are given to the groups with the best costumes and best performances. This celebration is similar to Mardi Gras.
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Christmas is celebrated differently all over the world. In the US and the UK, it is typically celebrated by decorating Christmas trees, wrapping gifts, hanging stockings for Santa Claus to fill, singing carols and feasting with family and friends.
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Christmas activities begin with Advent in Sweden and the ceremony of Saint Lucia or 'Luciadagen'. Decorations with lights and trees are a big part of the festivities with most of
1. Join in the celebration of "Las Posadas, when candlelight processions proceed through the town to re-create the wanderings of the Holy Family in search of lodging. Las Posadas
1. Remember Lucia on December 13. She was an Italian saint who was killed for her religious beliefs. 2. Attend a procession called "Lussetåg, which is led by someone dressed
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i dont even know. ...
i dont even know. ...
Swedish people celebrate Christmas differently than Americans do. They actually start celebrating on December 13, they don't have a tree until Christmas Eve and ...
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