How Do People Live in the Caribbean?


People in the Caribbean live a simple life that is largely been influenced by their preserved culture. The Caribbean lifestyle is a product of its tropical setting and the blend of colonial, East Indian and African culture. Music and dance has been central to how they live since the days of oppression when it was a means of recreation and survival.
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1. Clear and clean your living room. The Caribbean look favors a more sparse and less ornamented approach, allowing natural light and breezes to enter and travel through the room.
Both the Arawak and Carib language families are related to languages in South America, showing migration from the south. The Arawaks were earlier, while the Caribs were still making
1. Simplify your lifestyle. If you are involved in too many things, and find yourself dreading your next activity instead of looking forward to it- then drop it. The same goes for
Some animals that live in the Caribbean are Goat ,Chicken, Ox, Lamb, Shark, Parrot fish, Yellow goat fish, Nurse shark, Reef Octopus, Cane Toad.
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The Caribbean consists of the Caribbean Sea, its islands and the coasts that surround them. It is located on the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and North America and on the east of Central America, and on the north side of South America. People in the Caribbean are close to their families and are always happy. They love staying with people and are social. The residents are not that wealthy but are happy and do not stress on money issues so much. They love enjoying themselves so they live in a happy mood and are always up for activities.
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