How do people make a living in Cambodia?


Cambodian citizens make their living primarily through jobs in the country's main industries of agriculture, tourism and garment production. Many Cambodians are also employed by government agencies, world relief organizations and private enterprises, such as web development companies located in urban centers like Phnom Penh. Cambodia's economy has shown substantial gains, according to the World Food Program.

Cambodia's economic growth has been fueled by the garment and tourism industries. Garment production makes up 80 percent of Cambodia's exports, and jobs in textile production are plentiful. A search of shows many jobs available in the tourism industry, including tour bus drivers, tour guides, chefs, bartenders and hotel staff members. Agriculture remains the main way to make a living in rural Cambodia. The staple food of the Cambodian people is rice, accounting for 68 percent of their daily caloric intake, according to the World Food Program. The remainder of the Cambodians' diet includes fish, meat, tubers, vegetables and fruits. shows white collar, government and relief agency jobs available in Cambodia. Private companies, such as Kong Nuon Group and Web Development Company, are constantly recruiting for jobs in corporate sales and computer programming. Humanitarian organizations, like Care Cambodia, seek relief workers. Care Cambodia is an international relief organization that fights poverty.

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The population of Cambodia is 14,241,640 (2008 estimate)
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