How do People Steal Your Identity?


People steal your identity by copying your personal information. Examples of personal information that can be misused are social security numbers, credit card numbers, You can find out more information here:
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Identity theft involves using a name, social security number, address or likeness to fraudulently obtain money, credit or merchandise. It is illegal to steal someones identity. That's
According to The Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act (Public Law 108-275, 118 Stat. 831-834) any person who knowingly and unlawfully possesses, transfers or uses a means of identification
because they sometimes don't have anything and they believe that if they seal peoples identity they can have everything. or sometimes someone stole their identity they wan't to steal
To steal an identity you basically steal someones name, Social Security number, or
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To stop people from stealing your mail buy a mailbox that locks. You can also talk to the postal worker to help prevent your mail from being stolen. ...
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