How Do Pigs Mate?


Boars who want to mate mark trees with their urine. They also produce foamy saliva by champing. During courtship, the boar may nudge and nuzzle the sow's flank, head, genital area and shoulders, showering her with his attention. The sow and boar sing to each other as they nuzzle and chase each other. When the boar has successfully wooed the sow who is in heat, she will stand still and allow him to mount her. He will jump up and place his front legs on her back. He may need to scoot sideways to get directly behind her into mating position. His front legs hold on to the sow just in front of her hips once he is in position. Boars can take up to 30 minutes to ejaculate. During this time, the boar remains mounted on the sow occasionally thrusting. She may graze and take occasional steps forward until he is finished and slides or jumps off.
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When the male pig notices that the female is in heat, he will urinate to let her know he is ready to woo her. The female noticed the marked territory and is ready to begin, so the male jumps on top of her with his front 2 legs in the mounting position, but doesn't ejaculate until after 30 minutes. You can find more information here:
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