How Do Plants Help People?


Plants help people in may ways. Indoor plants assist in the improvement of the quality of life indoors. Plants reduce the harmful substances in the air. You can find more information here:
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1. Check the soil moisture level. Poke your finger into the soil down to the first knuckle. The soil should feel slightly moist but not soggy. 2. Inspect the plant for insects. Look
Well, adaptations, like how in rain forests plants have big leaves to catch sunlight helps, and how some insects (like bees) help spread their pollon, but if you mean things you need
There are lots of bugs that help plants! Bugs that help plants are bees, lacewings,ladybugs, and worms.There are more than that, I just can't think of them all. Why do bugs help plants
Well part of the reason they help the atmosphere is because they add moisture to it they also make the weather nice and cool. they also take away carbon dioxide that is bad for the
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Dragonflies are helpful to people because they tend to eat other insects that people consider pests. They especially eat mosquitoes, cutting that population down ...
Plants are vital to the environment due to their use of carbon dioxide to produce food, and release of oxygen from that process. Plants also hold the soil together ...
Whether vinegar can help plant grow will depend on the strength and the kind of vinegar you use. Cactus for instance, can stand drops of vinegar diluted in water ...
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