How Do Plants Move?


Plants move in a wide variety of ways. They tend to move from place to place as seeds, they bend towards light for plant growth, some plants move by losing their petals or leaves. Other varieties of plants tend to droop or move the moment that they are touched. Venus fly traps move as soon as prey enters in their mouths. Various underwater plant species have flaps that that suddenly move open. Algeas tend to swim towards the light through the aid of sea currents.
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Plants get water from their roots,it then travels from their roots up through the stem and into the leaves. The water then evaporates through the leaves.
1. Remove the weeds, grass and other plants from the new planting location. Loosen the soil with a shovel to the depth of 12 inches. Pull out any large sticks or rocks. Rake the area
1. Check on certain government restrictions and regulations with regard to the transportation of certain type of plants. Ad. 2. Transplant them into clean, sterile plastic pots at
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Plants are moved by where the sun is. If the plant can't tell the sun is out it wont move. If they can they sill lean into where the sun is detected.
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Water moves through plants from the roots, then travels from the roots to the stems and lastly the leaves. Once the water reaches the leaves it evaporates. ...
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