How Do Protist Move?


There are about four basic groups of animal-like protists. They all move in different ways. Some use a flagella to swim around others use tiny hair-like structure called cilia. There are others use pseudopods. You can find more information here:
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A protists moves by either using the cilia (tiny hairs around the cell that allow it to move in different directions) or by simply jiggling around in the direction needed (similar to the way Jello moves).
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Locomotion in the protist kingdom is varied and extremely versatile. Amoebas use cytoplasmic processes called pseudopods, while paramecia have rows of cilia that ...
Protists move using cilia, flagella and pseudopodia. The method of locomotion varies depending on the type of protist species and where they live.Some protists ...
The summary characteristics of Animal like protists are that they are heterotrophs and can move around. They are multicellular. Their means of movement are through ...
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