How Do Raccoons Get Rabies?


Raccoons and other animals can get rabies by being bit by an infected animal. In the eastern US, raccoons are the animals that suffer from rabies the most. As of April 2012, there have only been 28 fatalities of humans attributed to rabies.
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1. Recognize the signs of rabies in a raccoon. If you encounter a raccoon that is behaving abnormally or appears sick, then leave the area and call your local animal control or wildlife
By getting biten by another rabid animal.
Raccoons act as a reservoir for rabies in the U.S. Raccoon rabies made up 41% of
depends on the area. in most southern areas into the midwest parts of the US it's very common. but it's more likely if it was daylight and the middle of the day. normally a raccoon
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To tell if a Raccoon has rabies look for signs of aggression the raccoon will attack anything. If the raccoon walks in crooked manner and hit objects that are ...
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