How do Refrigerants Work?


A refrigerator consists of several parts: compressor, thermal unit, and a refrigerant that keeps things very cold. The compressor is what makes power to the refrigerant unit to make things cold. It releases a gas that makes the air cold. You can find more information here:
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How Do Refrigerators Work?
A refrigerator works by circulating a refrigerant through evaporator coils, so that heat is released and the refrigerant gets very cold. Discover how a compressor and a fan help circulate the cold air through the refrigerator with information from a... More »
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Refrigerants work the same way perspiration works on our bodies. When our body gets hot, we sweat. As this sweat evaporates, the heat dissipates and our bodies get cool. Refrigerators and air conditions use the same principal, but they use other gasses that work better than water. A compressor compacts the gas (Freon or ammonia) and this makes it hot. The gas is allowed to cool off, but it is still under pressure. As this gas is allow to expand and evaporate it gets very cold.
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