How Do Remove Sent Messages on Facebook?


Log in to the Facebook website, select 'Inbox' from the navigation menu. Email messages received from Facebook messaging system load on the screen. Press the 'Sent' link. All messages you've sent via Facebook's email system are listed. Select the messages you'd like to delete by clicking on the 'X' next to each message. To select multiple messages, click on the box next to each sent message you wish to delete. To select all sent messages, press the 'All' button. To deselect all messages, click the 'None' button. Click on the 'Delete' button from the menu bar.
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1. Sign in to Facebook. Click "Messages" on the navigation menu on the left. 2. Click "Sent" in the collapsed "Messages" folder tree. Facebook will display
For sent messages in your inbox, check the right portion of the message and there should be a drop down menu of sorts where you should be able to choose "delete messages"
no, you cant. it's like email or voicemail - once you send it, you cannot prevent them from reading it.
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