How do reptiles breathe?


Reptiles breath with lungs, though some snakes only have a right lung. Some reptiles can hold their breath for hours, one of which is a turtle.
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Sharks breath by using fine blood vessels to take the oxygen out of the water as it passes through their gills. There are 5-7 pairs of gill slits along the side of their head.
Worms possess large, toothless mouths, but their mouths are only used for eating decaying plant and animal matter. Worms cannot breathe through their mouths; they also do not have
Well I don't know! But I do know that they sleep with their eyes open and the sleep. under water.
1. Sit or lay in a quiet room with a chair, sofa or bed. Start to notice how you are currently breathing, focusing on each breath you take. Allow your breathing to gradually become
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All reptiles have lungs that are used for breathing. Certain species of reptiles also absorb the oxygen from water in a membrane that's located in their mouth. Frogs, for example, actually breathe through their skin, too.
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All reptiles breathe through their lungs. Despite lacking a diaphragm muscle, reptiles have a diaphragm-type respiratory system and the act of breathing is accomplished ...
Reptiles are animals that are covered with shields,plates, or scales and have claws on their toes. Reptiles breathe using lungs and usually reproduce by laying ...
Reptiles have adapted to life on land in many ways. The arrangement of their legs, which allow them to run, is one way. Reptiles also have lungs for breathing. ...
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