How Do Robots Impact Society?


Robots have various impacts to the society. One, it allows people to do work fast and easily. Second, it allows a person do the things he thought he cannot do. However, it has negative impact such as making people lazy as well as technological imbalance.
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Actually the impact is not negative. You just have higher saturation of competitors for other jobs that cannot use robots, and people are forced to create new jobs and industries.
In 1960, presidential candidates John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon participated in the first televised presidential debate. Interestingly, those who listened to the debate on the
i you mean changes, then the robot is "upgraded" to fit different situations or to do a task more efficiently. Robot makers used to use only steel or iron, but found out
The greater the population the more competition for resources. We already see this in the politics of water management. Who can have the water? Who owns the water? Is it fair for
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