How Do Scientist Locate the Epicenter of an Earthquake?


Seismologists are scientists that study earthquakes. The place where the earthquake starts beneath the surface of the earth is called the hypo-center, and the area above this that is above the surface of the earth is known as the epicenter. Seismologists use a method that is called triangulation to find out where the earthquake occurred. Three seismographs are used to find the location. These are combined and the intersection that occurs when circles are made from the distance of the station to the earthquake shows where the epicenter is located.
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Triangulation. For more information please see the related question below.
1. Look at a seismogram that depicts an earthquake as recorded at one seismic station. Read the x-axis of the seismogram to determine the arrival times of the earthquake's P-waves
Scientists determine the location of an
An earthquake generates two types of waves. a surface wave (the so-called "S-wave" and the compression, or sub-surface wave (the P-wave" ) These waves propagate at
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Geologist locate the epicenter of an earthquake by using the isoseismal map. The Mercalli scale will the aid in measuring the quakes intensity and provide guide ...
The reason why there are a minimum number of stations necessary to locate an epicentre is to be able to tell how an earthquake occurs. So the farther these stations ...
Seismologists locate the epicenter of an earthquake through a process called triangulation. This process requires the use of seismogram which locates the distance ...
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