How Do Scorpions Mate?


Just like praying mantises and spiders, scorpions mate on a special case called sexual cannibalism. The female kills her partner during, before or after the mating.
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Scorpions are a type of arthropod that live in the desert. They are easily recognizable by the stinger tail they have. Scorpions mate by indirect internal fertilization.
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Compete for dominace.
The scorpions mate using their tails. Scorpions do not literally have copulation as we commonly perceive.
There is no specific mating season, it happens when they're used to their home and they're in optimal conditions, as long as they're both mature it could happen at any time, if they
let me guess ur a scorpio? Source(s): SO AM I! GO SISTA!
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Young scorpions are dependent on their mothers and stay with her until maturity. Scorpions do not generally travel in pairs. Males leave females after mating. ...
Scorpios do not fall in love. However, they mate during their heat period. This period lasts for about 8 weeks after the rainy season when male scorpions mate ...
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