How Do Sea Stars Move?


Sea stars have hundreds of hollow, muscular tube feet filled with fluid. These tube feet function in gas exchange, feeding, and in locomotion.
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it crawls.
To move, the sea star contracts and relaxes its muscles, which forces water into the tube feet or draws it out. This allows the sea star to move its feet. Each cylindrical foot has
A sea star's "water vascular system"refers to the interconnected channels,tubes,valves and
1. Pick up the sea star carefully to avoid breaking off one of its legs. Scoop the sea star up with your hands and place it in a bucket or container. Add water to the container to
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Starfish move by using a water vascular system. Water enters the starfish through a large pore in its underbody and is pushed into its tube feet. The bottom portion of the tube feet expand and push the starfish forward.
Sea stars move by walking on the bottom of the ocean in the sand. They use tons of little feet in unison to move them across the floor and over rocks.
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Sea stars actually use their feet to breathe! Sea Stars and other echinoderms have a water vascular system that they use to eat, breathe, and move around with ...
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