How Do Seals Move?


Seals are mobile in several different kinds of areas. They can swim in water, and use their flippers to slide on their bellies when they move.
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Seals are carnivorous mammals divided into the 19 species of earless or true seals that make up family Phocidae, or to the 9 species of 14 in the family Otariidae known as fur seals. The other 5 species in this latter group are known as sea lions.
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they fly
Am I missing something here? It looks like a gimmicked dollar bill and a "seal" sticker... ?!? (Notice how quickly the camera gets off the bill, at the end of the trick
Seals can swim at 16 to 20 miles per hour but are clumsy on land and can only move
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One of the adaptations that the seal has made in order to move in any direction at top speed while they are in the water is that they have flippers instead of ...
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