How Do Shield Volcanoes Form?


Shield Volcanoes are formed from fluid lava that flows long distances. They will flow across slight inclines. This volcano is formed over a long period of time. The Hawaiian Islands are shield volcanoes. You can find more information here: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Shield_volcano
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Shield volcanoes generally form from quiet eruptions. Layers of hot, mafic lava flow out around the vent and slowly build up to form the cone.
1. Sand off the rough edges of an 18-by-18 sheet of plywood. Brush away the dust and wipe it clean. Paint the plywood brown. This is the base of your volcano. 2. Look at several photographs
usually there is a hot spot that ejects magma from deep down, that contains less gas, etc. that kind of lava is hotter, and flows better, so the dome is wider and flatter. mona loa
Temperature. Volcanic activity can drastically raise the temperature in an area, which may directly affect the ability of a plant to survive, especially if the plants are located
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