How Do Sikhs Celebrate Christmas?


Sikhs are Hindu religious leaders commonly found in the eastern parts of India. Some, in the United States and the United Kingdom, are known to celebrate Christmas but most of them observe the Holy months of Rakhi, Holi and Diwali.
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Christmas is celebrated differently all over the world. In the US and the UK, it is typically celebrated by decorating Christmas trees, wrapping gifts, hanging stockings for Santa Claus to fill, singing carols and feasting with family and friends.
Sikhs do not celebrate Christmas as they consider it a Christian celebration. However some of them celebrate it as a cultural event or holiday with lots of singing, procession and sharing or distributing sweets. They do not aim too much on giving gifts.
Sikhs do celebrate Christmas, although not as a religious festival. Their most common and important festival is the Diwali; the festival of lights, which they celebrate along with the Hindus and Jains. It is celebrated in commemoration of the release of the sixth guru, Guru Hargobind, from prison together with 52 other princes.
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Sikhs don't really celebrate Christmas but Sikhs adapted it because of the vast population of Sikhs in the U.S. Sikhs celebrate Christmas the same way others do by getting together
Christmas is celebrated in Mexico with friends and family. They organize a procession depicting the search for shelter made by Mary and Joseph. The children are blindfolded to break
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1. Join in the celebration of "Las Posadas, when candlelight processions proceed through the town to re-create the wanderings of the Holy Family in search of lodging. Las Posadas
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