How Do Snails Breathe?


Snails breathe through a visceral cavity (like a human nose). Snails breath air in and out through this visceral cavity. Moreover, snails have lungs and a heart.
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Snails "breathe" through their skin and through an opening called the pneumostome visible on the right side of their bodies.
Respiration is through gills or lungs, or through the mantle (a thi...
Snails "breathe" through their skin and through an opening called the pneumostome on their right side.
Some pond snails have gills to breathe in water. Those with gills will live at the bottom of the pond. Those that do not have gills, will come up to the surface to breathe. These
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Mollusca Class: Gastropoda
The Snail is a gastropod, a soft-bodied type of mollusk. The soft body is protected by a hard shell, which the snail retreats into when alarmed. They are found worldwide in the seas, in fresh water, and in moist areas on land.
Snails are one of mother natures most amazing animals. A snail breathes by taking in the air through a visceral cavity that is very rich in blood. It is also the same as a human's nose. they do have lungs and a working heart. You can find more information here:
A snail takes in oxygen via their skin and through a small opening in their bodies called a pneumostome. There are some snails that line in the water and have gills to breathe.
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Water snails or aquatic snails have eyes on their tentacles. A water snail is a type of gastropod. They breathe through their gills which is located on their mantle ...
3 examples of mollusks would be squid, octopus, and snails. Mollusks are considered invertebrates. All mollusks, land or sea, breath through their gills. ...
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