How Do Snakes Hear?


Snakes do not hear in the conventional sense as they don't have ears, but they do have an inner ear. Their jawbone picks up vibrations and transmits them to the inner ear.
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Reptilia
Poisonous or harmless, large or small, all snakes - from the desert rattlesnake to the dwarf pipe snake - have certain things in common: a long, thin shape; scaly, legless bodies; and unblinking, lidless eyes. Like all reptiles, snakes rely on the heat…
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Snakes don't hear the way we do because they have no external ears. However, they do have some form of internal ear structures and so they have the ability to sense vibrations in air, which is what hearing is. This ability is very rudimentary and to call it 'hearing' is probably not entirely accurate.
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