How Do Snakes Slither?


Snakes get from one place to another by slithering on the ground. They use their muscles, backbone vertebra and ribs together to slither with great speed. You can find more information here:
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There are actually four kinds of movements used by snakes. These styles of movement are lateral progression, rectilinear progression, concertina progression and sidewinding. You can find more information here:
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Did you know that snakes have hundreds of ribs? Each rib has its own muscle and is responsible for moving the scales, or scutes, on their belly. So, the ribs move the scutes, which
with their tail.
Because they have no arms or legs!
Cause they have no legs. That is how they smell, with their tongues.
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Snakes are versatile animals who make adaptations to their environment, as well as to changing situations. These animals slither through life and are able to change ...
Snakes are extremely agile animals that seem to slither and crawl through life and many believe they do not even have bones and do this with straight muscle work ...
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