How Do Solar Flares Affect Earth?


Solar flares affect the Earth in a variety of relatively small ways. They can cause a disruption of the Earths' ionosphere. This, in turn, causes a disruption of some radio communications. You can find more information here:
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Solar storms can affect power grids, inhibit satellite navigation and disrupt plane routes. In extreme cases solar storms can cause radiation poisoning.
Solar storms also produce stronger aurorae, i.e. the northern and southern lights. More >>
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The solar flares heats up the atmospher of earth and cause extreme weather and this is ewll documented indeed. The solar flares also affect the human mind.
The sun stands at the center of the earth's solar system, emitting life force energy for use by the earth's population of humans and animals . While the planets maintain their singular
It effects electricity.
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Researchers have over the years made an indirect connection between solar flares and the natural disasters experienced on earth such as earthquakes. It has also ...
Solar Flares are caused due to rapid fission processes in some regions. Solar flare emit high energy in space. It also emits high energized X Rays & cosmic ...
Solar flares are described as a brightening of the Sun's surface which releases mass amounts of energy into space. They cannot destroy Earth, however ...
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