How Do Sound Waves Travel?


Sound waves exist as variations of pressure in a medium such as air. Sound waves travel through the air in a similar way to the way water waves travel through water. Sound travels faster through liquids and solids than through gases.
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Sound is produced through vibration. Sound waves need a medium through which to travel, such as air. The waves get from one place to another by bouncing molecules off of each other,
Sound waves travel though mediums. Solids , liquids , and gas . It also travels though transverse and longitudinal. Also travel through the air.
The propagation of vibrating sound waves is similar to the action of a vibrating spring. Credit, Links and Citations Credit Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Links wave motion (
This will throw you back to 7th grade science class. Remember when your teacher was
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How Do Sound Waves Travel?
This will throw you back to 7th grade science class. Remember when your teacher was talking about molecules and atoms, those building blocks of the universe that were so tiny you can't see them? Well, if you missed that class, this will be a refresher... More »
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Sound waves in reality are nothing more than vibrations. As the vibrations travel through the air to the ear, the speed or frequency of the vibrations determine the tone of the sound as we hear it.
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Sound waves require a medium to travel through, as vibration touches air it sends energy in mechanical waves to your ear. Sound waves move at about 330 meters ...
The bending of sound waves is described as refraction of sound. Sound waves bend when they enter a medium with a slow velocity. The waves tend to shift from the ...
They produce an energy in a particular area. They work the same as all waves work by creating the energy that moves in a relative space. ...
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