How Do Spiders Breathe?


Spiders have an open circulatory system unlike human beings who have a closed circulatory systems. Some breath through book lungs while others breath through tubular tracheae. Interestingly, there are some unique species that have both tracheae and book lungs for respiration.
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they breath out they nose.
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How Do Spiders Breathe?
Feared around the world for their venomous bites, spiders represent a fascinatingly diverse family and most are harmless. Members of the class Arachnida, spiders breathe through book lungs or trachea, which are extremely narrow tubes running through... More »
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Spiders do breathe as do all members of Kingdom Animalia as oxygen is a primary requirement for animal life. Spiders make webs primarily as a hunting tool and those that do not get prey be over powering it.
Spiders don't breathe like humans, instead they an open circulatory system. They have four respiratory organs that are located on the bottom of the spider. You can find more information here:
Spiders breath much the same way that humans do, through their lungs. Their lungs are not built the same way ours our. No muscles are involved. You can find more information here:
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