How Do Sponges Reproduce?


Some sponges reproduce without male or female interaction. A piece of the sponge will break off of the parent, float off, eventually attach itself and grow on its own. Other sponges are hermaphrodites, which means they can be male or female in reproduction. Most sponge species fertilize internally.
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Sponges release sperm into the surrounding water, which is then absorbed by other sponges, fertilizing their eggs. Some species of sponges reproduce asexually by budding.
Sponges can reproduce through both sexual as well as asexual methods, the asexual being through budding and fragmentation. When reproducing sexually the eggs of one will be united with the sperm of another, creating a free larva that will then settle on another surface and grow.
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Sponges can reproduce both sexually and asexually. To reproduce sexually the 'male' sponge would release the sperm into the water and it will float and enter the ...
According to the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, sponges can reproduce asexually through external budding, gemmules (or internal budding) and the regeneration ...
Sea sponges reproduce asexually by budding and sexually by releasing male gametes into the water. These gametes are taken in by other sponges, which then produce ...
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