How Do Sponges Reproduce Sexually?


Sponges can reproduce both sexually and asexually. To reproduce sexually the 'male' sponge would release the sperm into the water and it will float and enter the 'female' sponge.
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Phylum Porifera
Sponges are a diverse group of sometimes common types, with about 5000 species known across the world. Sponges are primarily marine, but around 150 species live in fresh water. Sponges have cellular-level organization, meaning that that their cells... More >>
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It can reproduce either sexually or asexually. Sponges can reproduce sexually and asexually. When using asexual reproduction, the sponges simply use a process called Budding. To reproduce
Sponges reproduce sexually even though they are both male and female. A sponge may be a female for one mating and male for the next. Sperm is released and it enters the female acting
Sponges are hermaphroditic which means both male and female organs
Unlike humans, plant reproduction can happen in a variety of ways using a number of different anatomical structures. The plant kingdom, with all its many species, is made up of two
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Sea Sponges are hermaphroditic, but they only play one role at a time. They reproduce sexually by releasing sperm into the water where it finds its way to the ...
Sexual is where you need two gender types e.g. Humans while asexually is where a organism can create life without two gender types or with out fertisilation (it ...
Some sponges reproduce without male or female interaction. A piece of the sponge will break off of the parent, float off, eventually attach itself and grow on ...
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