How Do Squid Reproduce?


Squid reproduce when the male squid produces a long tube called spermataphores. These spermataphores are filled with millions of sperm. These tubes are deposited in or on the female by a modified arm, that most squid species have. The spermataphore cluster is implanted on the head of the female.
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Squids reproduce by often mate in large groups, and attach their egg capsules to the ocean floor or to seaweed.
The boys attract females by displaying changing chromatophores and
Answerer 1 and answerer 4 are both correct in the majority of squid species. However, in the giant squid, and some bodies have been found and dissected, the male contribution can
One of the "weirdest" things you will ever touch is a pack of squid egg mass. They're jelly like white cases (the whole thing looks like an anemonie). Squid spawn in huge
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The male squid has sperm in an arm like type and the female has the eggs by her mouth. The male squid takes the arm and puts the sperm by her mouth and or into a cavity.
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