How Do Starfish Protect Itself?


Starfish have bony skin which is calcified and this protects them from predators. They also camouflage themselves with their colors that may also scare off any potential attackers.
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Starfish are made of bony calcified outer shells helping to protect them from hungry predators. Their bright colors also offer some protection by scaring off their enemies. In addition if a starfish does lose a limb to a predator the starfish can grow the limb back. You can find more information here:
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Starfish are interesting animals with several methods of self-defense. They are capable of camouflage (like chameleons!), changing their color to match their surroundings so predators
A starfish protects itself by it's hard and rough skin.
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The bright colors of a starfish help to protect it from enemies by scaring them off. In addition their hard bony shells also offer some protection from hungry ...
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